Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sing, Sing a Song!

Last week Miss Maddy had her last choir concert
as a 7th grader.

After the concert -- Zozo, Maia, Maddy, Gracie
The concert included our Catholic High School
choir and was a benefit for St. Jude's Hospital.
It was so beautiful and hearing their
lovely voices was such
an incredible treat!
All the extra time
and early morning choir practices
paid off!

Bonus for the girls (and boys too) - they were allowed
to wear something besides their uniforms!
No plaid skirts required for the girls!
The girls loved being able to dress up a little.

Gracie and Maddy -- friends since kindergarten!
Maddy and her friend had the same dress though
different colors --
they thought that was so cool!

Maddy and Skyler

One boy evidently didn't get the memo about the requirement
for boys to wear dress pants, long sleeve shirt and a tie as
he showed up in cargo shorts and a polo shirt!
I'm surprised the choir director didn't put him in back,
but he's not too tall, so was right in front!
The little rebel!  ;)

The choir was able to sing once more at the 8th Grade
Graduation Mass.
Last night, the Choir Director
sang at the Graduation.

One of the things I love about 7th grade girls is that they
don't hesitate to give each other big hugs
when they see each other and when they leave again!
It's just the sweetest thing!
The countdown is on . . .
school's out on May 23!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Lemon Blueberry Deliciousness!

Oh my word! 
I must share with you all the absolutely most
delicious recipe ever!
I saw my friend Trisha Yearwood 
(yes, it's true, we are friends - she may not realize it though -:))
making this Lemon Blueberry bread a couple weeks ago.
I was running on the treadmill at the time and
then ran to the store to buy the ingredients!

Cooling -- before the lemon glaze was added.
Do you watch food shows on the treadmill?
Doesn't everyone??
I always watch Pioneer Woman and Trisha is on
right after PW on Saturday mornings.
Anywhooo -- she made this bread and it looked so yummy
and relatively easy and
you know I need easy!

With the lemon glaze -- a little taste-testing going on!
On one of our many rainy weekends, I pulled out the recipe 
and got to work!
I love blueberries and lemon so I figured it would be good!
It wasn't good -- it was fabulous, delicious, amazing, out of this world yummy!

Maddy and I both loved it.
Mr. Miata declared it my best effort ever!!
After Maddy and I had one (well, maybe two) slices each, he ate the
remainder -- not immediately -- but over the next day or two. 
He ran to the store and bought more blueberries . . . 
something tells me I will be baking more bread soon!

Although it's called a bread, I think it is more like
coffee cake with that delicious lemon glaze over the top.
Next time I may try to make it as cupcakes or a bundt cake.
So many possibilities!

Here's the recipe (from the Food Network website)
5 tablespoons butter, melted and more for greasing the pan
1 cup fresh blueberries
1 1/2 cups plus 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour
2 large eggs
1 cup granulated sugar
1 lemon, zested and juiced (about 3 tablespoons of each)
1 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. salt
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup chopped pecans (totally optional)
1 lemon juiced
1/4 cup of confectioners' sugar

Preheat oven to  350 degrees; grease a 4 x 8 x 2 inch loaf pan
Rinse and then toss the blueberries in 2 tablespoons of the flour and set aside.

Beat together the butter, granulated sugar, eggs, lemon zest and lemon juice with an electric mixer.  Sift together the baking powder, 1 tsp salt and remaining 1-1/2 cups flour in medium bowl.  Add the flour mixture and milk to the butter mixture alternating, beginning and ending with the flour.  Fold in the pecans and blueberries.  Pour the batter into the prepared pan and bake until a toothpick comes out clean, about 1 hour 10 minutes.  Cool for 10 minutes and then onto a wire rack.

For the glaze:  Stir together 2 tablespoons lemon juice with the confectioners' sugar in a small bowl until completely smooth.  Drizzle the glaze over the top of the loaf while it is still warm, allowing it to drip down the sides.  Serve the loaf warm or at room temperature.

Gobble it up!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day 2015!

Hey friends --
Hope you all had a fabulous and fun weekend!

So, I started out my Mother's Day with a little run
around the neighborhood -- I need to do that
New goal for me - more running!

We went to Mass the night before, so after my run and shower,
I got to enjoy some Sunday newspaper and GMA!
Funny how those little habits mean so much!

We met up with the kids and littles (the grandkids)
at a lovely brunch!

Bonus -- they had a clown there making balloon animals!
What a hit!
Side note -- Mr. Tennis now known as Mr. Miata 
once took a community college class in making balloon animals!
He is multi-talented!

The food was delicious and we had such a nice time!
Sadly, Janie's balloon butterfly popped on the way out! :(

We've had sooooooo much rain around here lately,
I was worried we might have another deluge that day.
Sure enough, we had a downpour that afternoon, but no worries, that
made my food-coma nap even better!

 Earlier in the week, I had a dream that I chatted with my Mom
on the phone!  
We LOVED our daily phone chats!
She inspires me every single day.
I miss her sweet self and think
of her every single day.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Scenes from a Marathon or Run Philip Run!

Last Sunday was our city's annual 
marathon and half-marathon!

I scoped out part of the route early before the
runners arrived at the route located about block away from our house!
No parking or driving on Sheridan Blvd that morning!
It was quiet as the sun was rising,
but soon the street would be full of runners and the boulevard
and sidewalks full of spectators!

Nice sign but I think it is advertising a different race!  This one was the Lincoln Marathon.
You have sign up at o'dark-thirty on January 1st
to get one of the 12,500 spots in the race!
This year, my son Philip, did just that!
He's been training for the past few months and it paid off!

He successfully
ran his first half-marathon!
Woot Woot!!

Catherine and the littles came over after we
sent Philip on his way
 for blueberry muffins and . . . you guessed it - chocolate milk!

The runner (Philip in red) and his siblings, Connor, Maddy and Muffy!
Rumor has it that Philip and Connor are signing up
for the Lincoln Halfsy --another half-marathon in the fall!
Who knew we had runners in the family!
So proud!  Way to go Philip!!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Flashback Friday - Happy May Day!

Hello Friends!
Happy May Day!

Here's a little flashback Friday May Day for you
from May Day 2010!

Wow -- time really flies by, doesn't it!

Sorry for the lack of posts -- it seems that 
schoolwork, homework, housework, work-work, 
and . . .  who am I kidding -- tv watching in the evening --
has kept me from posting.

I hope to be back soon with some fun, fun posts!
Don't hold your breath or anything dangerous like that!

Have a wonderful weekend!



Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy Earth Day -- Hug a Tree!

Is there anything as 
as a tree blooming in the spring?!

The flowering trees have been incredible this year --
but are now starting to fade fast!

Last weekend, Maddy and I hit the
outdoor mall on a rainy day
(yes, my hair was a disaster)
but the girl loves to check out the books at B&N,
so I talked her into a quick iPhone
photo with one of the gorgeous trees there.
Quick -- run and enjoy their beauty before
the blooming season ends!!

Happy Earth Day!
Happy Arbor Day this week in Nebraska -
we celebrate trees! :)

Friday, April 17, 2015

Treehouse Fun!

Happy Friday!

I meant to post earlier, but I somehow lost some zoo
photos from our first visit of the season.
I've been feeling rather invisible lately, so guess it is 
appropriate that the photos disappeared!

Last Saturday, Maddy watched the neighbor's dog, Dixie,
a little Corgi that is Muffy's BFF, while they were out of
town for the day.  
Muffy and Dixie played a lot 
in their backyard
and so . . .  .
I wanted to show you their
fabulous treehouse they built themselves!

Isn't it amazing!!!
They can even sleep in it sometimes during
the warm weather as it has built in 

Also, they put in swings  with a curvy slide and fire pit nearby
and -- Maddy's favorite -- a trampoline!

She is definitely volunteering for more
dog-sitting gigs in the future!

Happy Weekend!